New HTC One shown side-by-side with original model in extensive comparison video


The HTC One (M8) is not even official yet, although it may as well be considering the numerous leaks that have revealed almost everything there is to know about the handset. An extensive video comparison between the upcoming smartphone and last year’s HTC One (M7) flagship has been posted on YouTube by TechSmartt, which walks us through the differences between the two devices when it comes to overall design elements, full specs, software features, camera experience, battery life and even highlights performance differences based on various benchmark tests.

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In 2014 a new tech era is blooming up, wearable’s! Although in the past a few tech giants have released some wearable’s like  google glass, Samsung galaxy gear, and Sony smart watch; but none of these have just cracked what wearables should be. Some small tech companies which are not widely recognised like pebble have gut a little bit of an idea of how it should be on the design and materials point. Also this year Apple is rumoured to be revealing its wearable the iWatch , and in my opinion this could be the watch which sets a mark on what wearables should be. After all they did the same thing for phones, tablets, and computers; so why not The iWatch.

Apples iWatch concept









Do’s and Don’ts

In my opinion a wearable should be something which is fashionable, functional, and powerful. People are going to be wearing this as an accessory on their bodies therefore people want something that is seamless and looks good on them , not something which screams super nerd. It should be functional and powerful, this is where most wearable’s are not getting it right. A wearable should be able to run a variety of different powerful applications and games; give notifications; have a fitness tracker, make payments with NFC or bluetooth 4.0, and give important information such as weather, reminders and calendars. Wearable’s should also have a long-lasting battery (around 5-7 days) because people don’t want to be charging this every single day. Devices like this should also be able to run even if your smartphone dies out on you.

There are not much things wearable’s should be able to do because they should be able to do everything you could think a wearable could do even if it is not such a good feature it would still be nice to have. The only think I would recommend a company not to do is make it crazy expensive, heavy, have useless features like a camera or IR blaster.


Do you think wearable’s will take off, what would you like in a wearable, and who do you want to release a wearable. leave your comments bellow.